The Breeder is a species of Cryptid introduced in Nightfall as the boss of the map.

In GameplayEdit

As soon as the game starts, a soldier runs at the gate in front of the player and asks to be let in but is impaled by the Breeder and dragged away then dropped.

At the end of the first area, the Breeder boss fight begins where the player must deplete its health until it escapes over a building.

When the final hive in the compound area is finished, the Breeder will appear again but will climb over the Weapons Facility damaging the roof and knocking over a barricade allowing the player to enter.

The final boss fight takes place as soon as the Weapons Facility has been cleared. After depleting so much health from the Breeder, it will stumble over for a few seconds, revealing another weak spot which is on its chest. Players should take advantage of this moment by using the Venom-X against the Cryptid. Occasionally, it will also heal itself by using pods scatttered around the area. When its health is diminished, the Breeder screams loudly before collapsing, spitting blood all over the snow and finally dying.

Tactics to Kill the CryptidEdit

  • In the first area, the red hitmarker on the Breeder is the glowing spot on the middle of its head
  • The best guns in this area are the Maverick and LSAT. Minigun Turrets and the Death Machine are also useful
  • In the final boss fight, using the Venom-X on its chest weakspot will deal extra damage due to lingering gas clouds
  • In the final boss fight, a Chainsaw is recommended