Captain David Archer is the leader of the Nightfall Program and is the antagonistic human in the Extinction map Nightfall. He was a top shooter for the SAS.


Archer is first heard in Nightfall via communications at the entrance area. In the Weapons Facility, he can be seen subduing Cross who had finished translating the Obelisk and was about commit suicide. He then leaves in a Snow Cat and reaches his Chinese cargo ship filled with live Cryptids. In Mayday he is seen on a computer screen and talks for a while. He is later recruited by Godfather as a necessary evil against the President's orders because of the discovery of another Cryptid Colony even bigger than the one in Colorado.


Archer was known as a top shooter for the SAS and was left in Pakistan for six weeks hiding in a cave like an animal. In those caves, he said that was when he saw them and his doctor apparently smiled thinking that Archer had turned insane after injuring his head. The doctor was then assaulted by an angry Archer. During the events of the Cryptid Outbreak, he and his Nightfall Researchers smuggled Cryptid samples and specimens to a lab in Alaska. He later recruited Dr. Cross after hearing of her superhuman talents and tasked her with the deciphering of a 2 ton chunk of obsidian known as "The Obelisk". After a while, Archer told Cross he had something special for her which turned out to be a three storey tall monster. It ripped out of an egg sac and tore a horse apart that had been forced into its territory. Unknown to everyone, Archer began bartering with Contact 28 who was a foreigner and demanded a ship and crew from the shadowy character but was denied this after being branded a traitor. However, Archer's demands are met after he shows Contact 28 photos of "The Ark" which was used by the Cryptid to survive an ancient apocalypse. He then sets sail for the Pacific Ocean.