Hunters are medium sized Cryptids that appear in every map so far. They are encountered in most areas of maps. In Point of Contact, they are fought in the City, Cabin and the Canyon. In Nightfall they appear in small groups in the first area but are more frequent in the Compound, Weapons Facility and the Final Area.

In GameplayEdit

Hunters make up in strength and speed what they lack in agility. They will charge head on at the player and deal deadly melee attacks. A group of Hunters can be lethal adversaries due to their persistence. Even a  single Hunter can deplete the drill's power in a few seconds if not killed quickly.

Tactics to Defeat the CryptidEdit

  • If approached by a group of Hunters, the player should move away from them whilst shooting them.
  • AP and Explosive ammo can be useful in mowing down this Cryptid
  • In Nightfall, the LSAT and Chainsaw are very useful guns against Hunters
  • If the player has reached level 29 and equipped the Death Machine in the Equalizer category, they should upgrade it to level 2 allowing the Hunters' headplates to be penetrated and making them easy to kill.
  • The Electric Trap will very quickly kill a Hunter