Kraken face

The Kraken is the monstrous Cryptid seen at the end of Nightfall's Epilogue. It is  the boss of the 3rd map: Mayday and is the largest Cryptid so far in Extinction. It was summoned by Dr. Cross after she had become part Crytpid. It was also known as "The Guardian" to Ball's Pyramid.

In GameplayEdit

In the first area, players will have to complete a challenge where they will have to defeat a Kraken tentacle before the hive is destroyed. If you go too close too the tentacle it can bite and swipe at you. After the tentacle has been damaged the Kraken will leave and not return until every hive has been drilled. The final boss fight will then take place. Players must use the Mounted Minigun Turrets around the deck to spray the Cryptid and deplete its health. It has very dangerous attacks which include its tentacle swipes, its mist ability which is deadlier than the Breeder because it can cover everything with it and the EMP attack to immobilise a Turret.

Tactics to Kill the CryptidEdit

  • Put as much distance between yourself and it as possible
  • To avoid mist attacks, stand on the Cryptid "Eggs" around the deck
  • The turrets can greatly deplete the Kraken's health