Your loadout can help you greatly in Extinction and you should create it according to your class. There are 6 Loadout catogories in Extinction.



Weapon Specialist, Tank, Engineer, Medic

Pistol Type:

P226, .44 Magnum, M9A1, MP-443 Grach

Ammo Type:

Ammo, Stun Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Armor Piercing Ammo

Team Support:

Team Explosives, Feral Instincts, Armor, Team Boosters, Random Supplies

Strike Package:

I.M.S, Mortar Strike, Trinity Rocket, Sentry Gun, Vulture


Portable Minigun Turret, Grenade Turret, Crowd Control, MK32 Launcher, Death Machine

My Preferred Class LoadoutsEdit

Weapon Specialist: MP-443 Grach, Ammo, Team Explosives, Sentry Gun, Portable Minigun Turret

Tank: .44 Magnum, Armor Piercing Ammo, Feral Instincts, Vulture, Crowd Control

Engineer: MP-443 Grach, Explosive Ammo, Team Boosters, Vulture, MK32 Launcher

Medic: MP-443 Grach, Armor Piercing Ammo, Armor, Vulture, Crowd Control