This is the ranking system in Extinction. As you progress through the ranks, you will unlock lots of helpful items in your Loadout to help you against the hordes of Cryptid.

Ranks (1-30)Edit

Rank 1: Weapon Specialist, P226 Pistol, Ammo, Team Explosives, I.M.S., Portable Minigun Turret

Rank 2: Stun Ammo

Rank 3: Tank, MP Background

Rank 4: Feral Instincts

Rank 5: Engineer

Rank 6: Grenade Turret

Rank 7: .44 Magnum

Rank 8: Armor

Rank 9: Mortar Strike

Rank 10: Medic

Rank 11: MP Background

Rank 12: Incendiary Ammo

Rank 13: M9A1

Rank 14: Team Booster

Rank 15: Crowd Control

Rank 16: MP-443 Grach, MP Background

Rank 17: Random Supplies

Rank 18: Trinity Rocket

Rank 19: MP Patch

Rank 20: Explosive Ammo, MP Background

Rank 21: MP Background

Rank 22: Sentry Gun

Rank 23: MK32 Launcher

Rank 24: MP Patch

Rank 25: Armor Piercing Ammo

Rank 26: MP Background

Rank 27: MP Patch

Rank 28: Vulture

Rank 29: Death Machine

Rank 30: N/A

Prestige 1: Relic Slot 1

Prestige 2: Relic Slot 2

Prestige 3: Relic Slot 3

Prestige 4: Relic Slot 4

Prestige 5: Relic Slot 5

Prestige 6: N/A

Prestige 7: N/A

Prestige 8: N/A

Prestige 9: N/A

Prestige 10: N/A

Prestige 11: N/A

Prestige 12: N/A

Prestige 13: N/A

Prestige 14: N/A

Prestige 15: N/A

Prestige Emblem DescriptionsEdit

Prestige 1: A white triangle with a black Cryptid skull

Prestige 2: A red triangle with a white Cryptid skull

Prestige 3: A red Cryptid skull with a blood stain behind it

Prestige 4: Same as the extinction in white and has blood in the background

Prestige 5: A "broken" Extinction logo in black with orange blood behind it

Prestige 6: Extinction logo in gold

Prestige 7: Extinction logo with glowing red eyes inside a hexagon

Prestige 8: A golden Rhino face with glowing red eyes

Prestige 9: A gold Cryptid skull with red eyes inside a hexagon surrounded by triangles

Prestige 10: Gold Breeder

Prestige 11: Extinction logo in black with a green blood stain

Prestige 12: Extinction logo in black with a green blood stain inside a hexagon

Prestige 13: A black Cryptid skull with a green blood stain

Prestige 14: A orange, yellow and black Cryptid skull with a green blood stain

Prestige 15: A black and purple Kraken