Rhinos are giant, colossal and heavily armored Cryptids. They are rarely encountered in Point of Contact but are more frequent in Nightfall as they spawn in the Compund area as well the Weapons Facility and the Final Area.

In GameplayEdit

A Rhino will act similarly to a Hunter because it attacks the player head on. It charges at the player on its two legs and deals devastating amounts of damage with its fists. Even one Rhino is capable of demolishing a squad.

Tactics to Defeat the CryptidEdit

  • One player should distract the Rhino with a Riot Shield and there should be as many Sentry Turrets and Vultures online as possible. Everyone else should use a Death Machine or an MK32
  • Their weakspots are the arms, feet, mouth and chest areas
  • Stick close together and keep a reasonable distance