Scorpions are medium sized Cryptids encountered in every area in evry map so far. While protecting the chopper which is destroying the Barrier Hive, the player's objective will be to eradicate the Scorpions attempting to stop destruction of the hive. As of Nightfall, after obtaining the Venom-X, dead Scorpions will drop pods which are used as Venom-X ammo.

In GameplayEdit

Tending to keep a distance from the player, Scorpions will perch on buildings or cling onto walls whilst firing a poisonous, yellow gas will can down the player very quickly unless a Medic who is a level 3 or 4.

Tactics to Defeat the CryptidEdit

  • The yellow pods on the Scorpion's back are its weak spots. Concentrating fire on these will kill the Cryptid in a matter of seconds.
  • Level 3 Medics are immune to the Scorpions' poison gas giving them the upperhand against the Cryptid.
  • Quickly eliminating Scorpions can prevent misdemeanors for the squad.
  • If tagged with a Hypno Knife, Scorpions can become valuable allies.