A Scout

Scouts are the weakest and most common enemy in the Extinction game mode. They are encountered in every map so far and every area of the map. Despite their scrawny armor plating, a large group can quickly overwhelm a player when drilling hives in the 2nd and 3rd areas of a map.

In GameplayEdit

The Scout crawls up walls and leaps around occasionally. As well as this, it can charge at the player and deals melee damage. It takes it a while to destroy the drill and down the player.

Tactics to Defeat the CryptidEdit

  • The red crosshair known as a hitmarker is located on the glowing, orange, fleshy parts of the Scout.
  • The Scout is instantly killed by the fire and electric traps.
  • It can only take 2 melee hits from the player or 1 if playing as the Tank class.