Seeder turret

This mutated plant-like turret is a subspecies of Cryptid that fires plasma at players. It only appears in Mayday and is be planted by the Seeder. It can deal a lot of damage if left unharmed and a group of these can prove to be troublesome.

In GameplayEdit

When the Seeder spawns in the map, it will spit out spores which will mutate into these abominations. Their locations can be discovered by looking for a golden sap which will drip onto the floor. These turrets can be planted anywhere from the floor, to the side of shipping crates and even on the ceiling!

If the Venom-SX is crafted then players can grow friendly spores which will help them take out hostile Cryptids.

Tactics to Kill the CryptidEdit

The best tactic is to eliminate the Seeder ASAP before it plants too many.

To destroy the turret, you should spray it or shoot it with the Venom-X.