Seeker poc
Seekers are small but deadly Cryptids which explode upon finding the player if not killed swiftly. The red pods on their back should be shot while they are at a distance to cause them to explode.

In GameplayEdit

As their name implies, Seekers will "seek" out the player and attempt to deal explosive damage. The squad will be warned before the Cryptids arrive via a meteor which they will emerge from. A sort of flash will tell you where the meteor will land as well which can be useful to the squad. Hypno Knives will NOT work on Seekers as they will explode upon being hit.

Tactics to Defeat the CryptidEdit

  • The best tactic is to keep a distance and shoot the Seekers emerge from their meteor
  • Also, Semtex Grenades, Claymores or Bouncing Betties can be placed near the meteor enabling the team to focus on eliminating other Cryptids