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The Venom-X is the Wonder Weapon found in the Extinction maps Nightfall and Mayday. The ammo for the Venom-X is found after occasionally killing Cryptids after obtaining the weapon. The ammo is in the shape of an egg that is coloured yellow and has a purple "vein" running down it. When reloading the weapon the "eggs" are squeezed releasing the poison into the gun.

How To Get ItEdit

The Venom-X is located in the 3rd area in the Nightfall map known as the Weapon Facility. When the hive located in the middle of the room has been drilled then players can get the weapon.

In Mayday you can only get the Venom-X by picking up the Schematics for it and finding the parts in a toolbox. The parts are: Biolum, Deactivated Venom-X, Nucleic Battery. The Biolum may either be normal but can be blue, orange or amethyst. The Schematics are located in the Cargo Hold and the Top Deck.


In Mayday there are 3 custom variations of the Venom-X which are:

Venom-FX: Is orange in colour and creates a large explosion of flames when detonated.

Venom-SX: Is purple in colour and fires a pod that grows into a friendly mutated Seeder turret.

Venom-LX: Is blue in colour and creates a large explosion of lightning upon detonating and leaves an orb of electricity for a few seconds where it blew up.